by Bulldog

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released March 1, 2014

Nora Murphy - vocals, electric guitar
Craig Holland - 4, 6 string bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Ben Silverman - drums, electric guitar, bass, keys, vocals
Alec Hutson - alto sax, vocals
Christian Tremblay - piano, organ

Recorded, Mixed & Cut by Jacob Levitin, Ben Silverman, & Craig Holland at Hampshire College & Studio Teatown.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice
Album art by Nick Pope
Album design by Warbird Creative



all rights reserved


Bulldog Boston, Massachusetts

Bulldog unites five musicians and close friends in lyric- and beat-driven jazz-pop-rock.

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Track Name: Caves
I blow bubbles out of my mouth
and watch as they float further south
like sound waves tripping on the rocky tongue
that I once called from when I was young
the writing's on the wall

and I hope our love is just as real
and tangible as I know it to be
these caves consume me when I want to feel clean
but I bathe in the sunless wonder of it all
throw her in the vault

the march forward takes a final stop
but far too short for the make a spinal drop
the drop here's forever, the bottom is the top
the cave is on and downward
a midnight belly flop

there is no up, there is no down
never hit the ground
I see it all, the cave's a hall
it's writing on the wall
Track Name: Bride
honeymoons are a week in nature's suite
fleeting and fragrant like flowers than you eat
let's grab hold of stems and tug upon the roots
I fill the trunk fresh out of room

I'm a lost and lonely bride
where is my glass of wine
I'm a lost and lonely bride
where is my dress of white

and oh, why can't we go back to that place
the moon a shining mother on my face
you said, hey, let's drive the milky way

and I was yours for that day
and I said I would always stay
but I set my lazy eyes too high
and I feel my time waning like the moon in the sky

don't greet me with those hollywood eyes
or with the warmest of smiles
no, think of me with a humble sigh
like I do I
Track Name: Glastown Parish
I don't join the party, I throw it
away and I sit and I pray
for coming of day
where are they?
Track Name: Rise Up (ii)
the truth, in this rock's illusion
I press forth to uncover
for not me,
but with me,
my soulmate brother
until at last
we embrace again

die, die, die, die
I see my skull alive
die, die, die, die
I'll be your soul

waking and I face the day again
each dawn
determined to Rise in front
but sometimes desire, to never again

reaching, after a loved son's great demise
I find peace
from what pieces
may rise
Track Name: Insanity Beach
My ironic boy
dig a little deep
you'll find the water to
rouse you from your sleep
you've got a ways to live,
you can wait to die.
emaciated arms
throw 'em to the sky

little baby arms
throw 'em to the sky